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Electric Lapsteel Guitar

The "Pequog Slydah" model has a combined body/neck which is optionally chambered to reduce weight and add resonance. The top is hand carved to a subtle arch. The body and top woods can be selected for tonal as well as visual characteristics. Single or double pickup and a variety of wiring options can be specified.

front view of michael mccarten's electric lapsteel guitar model This example has a chambered Mahogany body/neck with Curly Maple drop top.
The fingerboard is Curly Maple, inlayed with Ebony fret position markers.
The head's front plate is layered Curly Maple and Ebony.
The hardware is all Nickel plated.
Electronics consist of two Fralin hand wound "Unbucker" humbucking pickups. It is wired with concentric volume/tone pots. There are mini toggle switches to choose single or dual coils for each pickup as well as one for in/out of phase, and one for series/parallel. So this allows for great single coil or humbucking sounds as well as numerous other tonal options.