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000-12 Resonator Guitar

This is a 12 fret 000 sized flat top steel string resonator guitar. The design of this model differs from a more typical resonators. The soundhole is oval, replacing the traditional screened ports or "F" holes. Also the internal bracing was modified in such a way that the top is free to resonate in the waist and upper bout in addition to the lower bout. These changes result in a voice which is quite unique.

front view of michael mccarten's 000-12 flat top resonator guitar model This example has Bubinga back sides and a Mahogany neck.
The top is Northern Ash.
The fingerboard is ebony.
The headstock is Black cherry.
Binding, rosette and other accents are a combination of Curly Maple, Cherry and Cherry Burl, Ebony, and Black locust.