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16" Acoustic
Archtop Guitar

This guitar measures 16 inches across the lower bout.
Standard scale length is 24.75 inches with other scales available on a special order basis.
Full bodies or cutaways are options.
Bracing options are "parallel" braced for a punchy traditional big band type sound or "X" bracing which is a more modern type providing a warmer and more even response.

full front view of the body of michael mccarten's  16 This is an example of of a cutaway 16" archtop guitar.
This instrument is equipped with a tailpiece made of maple/ebony/capped with bookmatched figured cherry, adjustable bridge, curly maple/mahogany binding.
The back, sides, and necks are Curly Maple.
The top is European Spruce.
The fingerboard is ebony.
The headstock is Black Cherry burl.

Maple is typically used for necks, back, and sides while spruce is used on the top. Other species of tone woods can be used as well which is a variable that affects esthetic as well as tonal characteristics of the guitar.

The top and back are both individually carved and graduated by hand for the optimum voice.

One version is styled like a traditional instrument with metal "trapeze tailpiece, adjustable bridge, plastic binding (in simple or elaborate styles.

Another version is more modern having wooden tailpiece and one piece bridge. Binding made of figured or contrasting woods provide a natural conterpoint to the traditional plastic.

All these details are variable on a case by case basis. 🔍